A Role Model for All of Us

January 17, 2022

This week we are reposting an interview we did several years ago with a very special lady named Margie Edwards.  She wouldn’t be the culture’s idea of an influencer. She wasn’t gorgeous or accomplished in the world’s eyes. In fact, you might not even notice her except for her short stature and physical disability. But the way she lived her life was extraordinarily lovely. 

This past week Jesus scooped her up and took her home to be with him. We all want mentors, women who teach us to live well, but sometimes we look in the wrong places. Let’s be mentored together again by a woman whose gaze was fixed on Jesus no matter what, like a bright yellow sunflower following the sun across the sky. The joy that overflowed from her obedient life can be ours as we follow her gaze. 

For a photo, see our original post Margie’s Interview

Margie, when and how did you start coming to Covenant?

I came the first December the church was in our current building in Glen Mills. Joe Fuselli invited me. (Joe’s dad was our family pharmacist, and when Joe was a teenager he delivered my medicine!) When I first came, I felt a little bit lost in such a big church, but the more I got to know people, the more I loved it. Attending Bridge helped too, and finally, I became a member after being a steady visitor for three years. 

Where do you live and where do you work?

I live in Upland, PA and I’m retired from the Presbyterian Minister’s Fund, the oldest insurance company in North America.  I worked in the new business department.

Tell us about your family.

I’m an only child. My three brothers and one sister died after being born prematurely so it was just me. My parents had a difficult time, and we were very alone, but I was close to my parents. I even used to sew matching clothes for my mom and me. 

Can you share some of the challenges you encountered growing up?

When I was born, my parents were told that they couldn’t do anything for me. Both my wrists were bent in and I had club wrists. They still are. My fingers were connected and for over a year, no doctor knew what to do. Finally, someone got me into Shriner’s, a long-term children’s hospital. Back then, children lived there for long periods of time. I went in the first time at 18 months old, and after surgery stayed for five months. My longest stay there was over eight months. Of course, the hospital is wonderful, but this is just the way things were back then. My childhood consisted of going back and forth from home to hospital for long stays and over 20 surgeries.

Did your disability and these difficult experiences cause you to struggle with God? 

I remember going to a healing crusade when I was twelve-years-old. I had recently become a Christian, and the preacher asked if I had faith that God could heal me. Even then, I knew that if God wanted to heal me, he could; but if he didn’t, then he had a good reason for that. And now I can see how true that was. If I looked like everybody else, I wouldn’t have the same outreach testimony I have today. I wouldn’t be able to give God the kind of glory I give him today. Even though my disability causes problems now and then, I see God in it. He uses it. In some ways, God has let me do more things than some people who have nothing wrong with them. My life is an adventure in God. 

What a beautiful testimony, Margie. Have you ever dealt with discouragement?

My feelings of discouragement haven’t lasted long, but I’m normal. Even here in church, I have at times felt out of place. But I have a little children’s song that I sing that helps me. It goes like this:

“You better get away from me, devil, 

I’m God’s property. 

Oh, there ain’t no use for hanging round,

Since the Saviour set me free.”

The devil tries to tell me lies, but I tell myself the truth. After my mom passed, I felt so lonely. Driving home from work was a killer. But these were times when the Lord just carried me in my sorrow and loneliness. People say I’m strong, but it’s only because of the Lord that I get through. 

When I feel like I don’t fit in, I get busy serving at church, taking care of kids, helping my friends. Then I see Christ living in me–not me being a couch potato! I also put my worship CDs on, even kids’ ones. They tell me the simple but important truths. 

I remember people saying to me, “Don’t you want to get married?” Well, who wouldn’t want to be married if the right person came along? But I always told God, “If you want me to meet someone, then you’ll have to bring him to me.” Because that didn’t happen, I trust God, and I can see things God had for me that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. As for children, I’ve loved so many of them in my life!

What are five of your favorite things? 

Cape May sunsets, sugar cookies, “my kids” (the children I watch), traveling, and chocolate milk

Any embarrassing moments?

This past Christmas I was babysitting for the Fedeles, and Little Adam got a hoverboard and they had me on it.  Here I am, 72, riding this thing, screaming. Someone got it on video.

Are you involved in any ministries at the church? 

Bridge Kids. I love little kids and I like to see how God works through the Bridge course. 

Do you have a favorite passage of scripture?

Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” I don’t feel like no is in my vocabulary when it comes to learning to do something, even in my older age. Just because something is hard, the first, second, and even the third time, you don’t give up. This verse shows me that God is helping me even when it hurts. And I’m going through a lot now with my back and physical issues. I can’t get comfortable. That verse reminds me God can help me do what I need to do. All day, I throw little sentences up to the Lord, and he hears those prayers. 

What would you say to a younger version of yourself? 

Read more of God’s Word! If reading is hard, listen to it in audio. 

We’re so grateful for your example. Do you have any needs we can join you in prayer for? 

I have some financial struggles. But God has provided each new job, and I’m getting there. He is with me!

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