From Cynic to Saint: How God Saved Me

Because I was in high school during the 60s, I heard true freedom came from throwing off the shackles of society and certainly the church…I was ripe to believe all the lies swirling around me and primed for the message of my outspoken atheistic college professor whose idea of fun was mocking people of faith. He was singing the song I wanted to hear: get rid of God! Happiness and freedom will be your reward. 

November 6, 2023

God is True to His Promises–Even in Loss

No wife is ever prepared to hear the words,“Your husband is dead,” but these were the words I heard on Wednesday morning, February 27. “How can this be?” I thought. We’d just enjoyed a  normal morning: breakfast, fun with our granddaughter, and getting ready for the day. He can’t be gone. But he is.

July 29, 2019