It Felt Like the Earth Was Giving Way

It felt like the earth was giving way and the mountains were being moved into the sea. We had noticed some changes in our youngest daughter’s eyes, and the doctor had recommended that she get an MRI “just to make sure” that nothing else was going on. So to check the box, she got a brain MRI during our spring break. When the MRI was done, they asked us to wait for the doctor to come discuss the results with us. Suddenly four doctors came into the room; we knew instinctively this could only mean bad news.

February 12, 2024

Home Management Family Style (Productivity Series)

We all live somewhere. We inhabit a space, whether it be a small apartment, a large home, or something in between. This is the space God has given us for shelter and enjoyment, and we should take care of it. When we work hard and do this well, we honor God, and in the process, we also benefit. Our personal benefit in keeping a clean and orderly home is a more peaceful space, increased productivity, and when accomplished as a family, a sense of stewardship of what God has given us.

January 18, 2021