Gospel Happiness in a Difficult Life

Margie’s life was filled with hardships. She faced enormous physical disabilities and spent much of her childhood in the hospital, unable to receive visits from her parents for long portions of time, undergoing surgery after surgery, all alone. That’s one way to describe her life, but it’s not the whole truth.

November 27, 2023

Out of My Control

Do you ever have seasons where it appears as though everything that was supposed to go one way goes the opposite?

Sometimes life throws very big curveballs, and suddenly, it all feels very out of control.

May 22, 2023

Jesus, Comforter

Seven years ago, I lost my younger brother and grief came thundering in. The pit was deep, the trial long, and the accompanying feelings were formidable. After the fog began to clear, I was reminded of a passage from Luke that the Lord gave me right before my brother passed away.

May 16, 2022