Looking for God

Narcissus, according to Greek mythology, fell in love with his reflection as he gazed at his mirrored image reflecting from a stream.  Consumed with himself, things did not go well for Narcissus, and he perished in his self-obsession. 

This story came to mind recently as I read a blog post that discussed the detriment of reading the Bible and looking for ourselves first. The blog writer explained that for years she read the Bible looking for herself first in Scripture, seeking encouragement, direction, and affirmation.

August 23, 2021

Blooming Where God Plants Me

I recently bought an air plant at Wegmans because I felt it represented my life; God was asking me to grow in a hard place. This plant is set in a small piece of granite. What amazed me about this plant is that it thrives in a seemingly hard place; like the old adage says, “Bloom where you are planted.”  At this time one of my kids was struggling with an ongoing mysterious health issue.…

October 26, 2020

Grieving Small Losses

I sit with a lump in my throat trying to select a package of graduation pictures for my high school senior. I decided weeks ago that most of these pictures were overposed and overpriced. Now, however, I look at these cap and gown pictures realizing that they may be the only graduation pictures of my son. Senior year is ending like a dystopian novel. Spreading virus. Illness and death. Social distancing. Canceled everything….perhaps including graduation.…

June 8, 2020

Limited Sight Made Clear through Christ

Presbyopia. This is the official ophthalmic diagnosis for many people my age who can’t read anything without reading glasses. What I used to see clearly I now strain to see. I’m constantly hunting for one of my many pairs of readers to magnify the text. If only we had spiritual readers to magnify our vision of God! 

March 9, 2020