Spiritual Disciplines Series: Biblical Meditation

I’m an expert at meditating, and I bet you are too. 

Give me a fear, a woe, a problem, a worry, and my innate meditater will happily work overtime, trekking down path after (mostly dark) path in search of a hope or solution. Like Dr. Suess’s Sam I Am, I can meditate in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse, here and there, EVERYWHERE! 

July 6, 2020

Dear Younger Women of our Church

Dear Younger Women of our Church,

This world is not kind to you. It calls your Christianity narrow-minded, your biblical obedience brain-washed, and your church commitment old-fashioned. You are supposed to be gorgeous, accomplished, and successful all the time–not to mention present and mindful. By following Jesus, you swim against a swift and strong current, and we applaud you. You are doing a great job!

May 25, 2020

Dear Older Women of our Church

Dear Older Women of our Church, 

Studies show that older women feel invisible. They no longer display the celebrated beauty of youth, the magical gift of fertility, or the fresh face of potential. Though they fight to believe God’s truth about aging, the culture sure doesn’t make it easy. 

But older ladies, you are not invisible to us. You are not irrelevant.  Don’t think for a minute that your work is done around here. We honor you and we need you.

May 18, 2020

Trashing the Stereotypes

I’ve been meeting with some younger women recently. Across from each other at Starbucks, lattes in hand, we chat about life, and I find myself sitting up a little straighter and wondering if my gray roots are showing. I’ve been wanting a younger perspective on women’s ministry and a chance to get to know these women better, and you know what? They’re all really great: insightful, thoughtful, and God-glorifying. They want to build the kingdom…

May 11, 2020

The Rock that is Higher than I

Among the wonders of Utah’s Zion National Park runs the Virgin River, walled in on both sides by thousand-foot red cliffs. Daily, visitors don water boots and trek through this sacred space called The Narrows, sloshing through cold rushing water, splashing from rock to rock, and grasping their walking sticks for balance. The Narrows runs for miles and preaches the grandeur of God.  The sign told us the river was “Very High!” on the day…

April 13, 2020