Why I Bother Reading this Blog

The Together Blog turns four next week. It’s moving out of its toddler years and hitting pre-school, and we’re proud of it! 

In next week’s post, we’ll introduce you to the blog team members so you know the faces behind the screen, but today I’d love to share four reasons I read this particular blog. When there are 57 million other podcasts, websites, and blogs to choose from, why bother with this one? I’m glad you asked. 

October 3, 2022


Why do fears that are small in the daytime terrorize us in the midnight hours? Why do we call trials “dark times” and depressing thoughts “dark thoughts”? Why do prisoners say that the worst part of solitary confinement is the darkness? 

April 18, 2022

People Who Don’t Know They Encourage Me

Last night I attended a prayer meeting at church. Sitting in the familiar green chairs, I smiled at the people around me, a random collection, all aware of their need for God. We worshipped together side by side, then some of them got up to pray at the microphone up front. Timid voices, strong voices, broad shoulders, stooped shoulders, zealous eyes, tired eyes, each prayer adding a stone to the foundation of my faith. 

These people have no idea how much they encourage me, I thought. But I notice them. Their presence speaks volumes. Here is a sampling just from tonight. You may be among them.  

January 10, 2022

Slowing it Down

We invite you to join us for a slow soak in the Gospel of John.

Together, we will watch, consider, study, and worship Jesus, the Incarnate Word.

In our recent women’s Bible studies, we’ve moved at a brisk pace, gobbling up the goodness of the Word and fitting some longer studies into fewer weeks.

August 16, 2021