Building the Future in Promise Kingdom (Ministry Series)

January 3, 2022

The first time my husband Kevin and I visited Covenant Fellowship as non-churchgoers, we were greeted warmly in the children’s ministry known as Promise Kingdom (PK). It was the first time we were entrusting our one-year-old daughter to strangers, so we were a little nervous, but returned each Sunday, drawn to the people and amazed at how the youth served the church enthusiastically. Within six months we were saved, baptized, and sitting in Marty Machowski’s office for our membership interview. I was happy to serve in Promise Kingdom in a classroom with little ones. However, the greatest need was for a coordinator couple. This meant I would have to talk to people I did not know—lots of people. All of my fears as a shy and introverted person rose to the surface. With Kevin’s encouragement, I stepped out in faith, and we have now been serving in PK for 16 years, the last 10 years in a lead administrative role. God has grown me in so many ways through this ministry.

PK serves children starting at age one to sixth grade (175 kids every Sunday prior to the COVID shutdown). As administrators, Kevin and I oversee the ministry and ensure each Sunday runs efficiently, providing a secure and safe wing and coordinating all 150 monthly volunteers. We serve under Marty, who writes the entire curriculum.

There are so many reasons why I love serving in PK. One is seeing how God uses all of us—all ages and gifting, to bless others and strengthen the church. Whether it is a grandmother consoling a crying toddler, a father answering a theology question asked by a curious sixth-grader, a couple leading worship, or a teen on the drama team, each person is honoring God through their service to His children. Serving in PK is also an opportunity for families to serve together. Our daughter, 17, and son, 13, have served in different roles throughout the years, implanting in them the importance of church involvement. I have also met many people I wouldn’t normally meet, especially guests. I have now served long enough to see children that have graduated from PK having their own children starting in the ministry. How wonderful to see the seeds that are being planted in the lives of our children producing fruit for the kingdom of God.

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