Dear Younger Women of our Church

May 25, 2020

Dear Younger Women of our Church,

This world is not kind to you. It calls your Christianity narrow-minded, your biblical obedience brain-washed, and your church commitment old-fashioned. You are supposed to be gorgeous, accomplished, and successful all the time–not to mention present and mindful. By following Jesus, you swim against a swift and strong current, and we applaud you. You are doing a great job!

Younger women, thank you for building God’s church with us. We respect you and need you more than ever.

  • We need your ideas. We know how we’ve always done things and we’re used to it, but you have new strategies. You want to see God glorified in your generation, not just in the ones that went before. We need your vision, your brainstorming, and your sense of what speaks to a younger world. Please share them with us!
  • We need your zeal. Although we love the Lord Jesus, sometimes the long road has worn us down. We’ve gotten stuck in ruts. But then we hear you running the race behind us–your footfall catching up, and it encourages our hearts. It makes us want to keep moving even though we feel like collapsing in a heap sometimes. Thank you for running, young women. We can’t wait to pass you the baton. 
  • We need your honesty. Your hard questions inspire us to know what we believe and why. Your quest to understand God’s ways and how you can live them out in your generation demands that we stay alert and help you think that through. God’s plans for us as women are beautiful ones. Thank you for inviting us into your questions.
  • We need your testimonies. Hearing about how God is using you and meeting you fills us with joy. Yes! Our God is not only faithful to us, but to our children and their children and their children. We knew that all along because God promised it, but we rejoice to hear your stories. 
  • We need your eagerness. Younger ladies, thank you for your desire to learn from us. That takes humility, and we don’t take it lightly. Though we are frail jars of clay and all too aware of our weaknesses, we want to pour the grace God has given us into you. Thank you for not judging us by externals but instead seeking wisdom in more mature women. It strengthens our resolve to be godly examples. 
  • We need your partnership. As you grab tools (spatulas, hammers, laptops) and help build God’s kingdom through the ministries of our church, our loads lighten and smiles broaden. We need what you bring and have prayed for God to strengthen you for this task. You are gifted, equipped, and called to the momentous privilege of serving God’s people. 
  • We need your fight. Not only are your bodies and memories stronger than ours, but you have “fight” in you. As you struggle to apply God’s Word to your lives and wrestle for what’s right in the midst of a scoffing culture, hear our cheering voices. We see you!  And we have your back in prayer, asking that God would fill you with his powerful Holy Spirit for the task before you. 
  • We need your friendship. We enjoy you! Although it seems to you that many years separate us, it doesn’t feel that way to us. We remember changing diapers and our first day of work like it was yesterday. We understand how you feel! Thank you for being our friends, for laughing with us, and for inviting us into your lives. Walking this Christian road together is a true gift from God. 

Thank you for being an inspiration to us, younger women. You are doing a wonderful job. Feel our love and admiration for all you are, and feel God’s pleasure as well. You are the aroma of Christ to those around you. 

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