Devotional Tips for the Easily Distracted Christian (Devotional Times Series)

August 29, 2022

The song “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” from the new Disney movie Encanto has hit the charts as one of the most played songs on music media, and let’s admit it, in our own homes too. Sometimes when I am asked about my devotional times, the initial response in my mind is, “We don’t talk about my devotional time…no, no, no.” 

If you are like me, admitting that you are not great at daily devotions is hard. I want others to think my life is all put together. Admitting my weakness is tough on my pride. But I will tell you with honesty that my devotional times have always been one of the hardest things for me to do in the morning. So when I was recently asked what tips or practices help me in my devotional times, I was eager to share because I know there are people reading who have difficulty in this area, too. I’ll offer four tips that help me:

Read the Bible Out Loud-

I have found that I get distracted by noises, plans for the day ahead, or just random thoughts that pop into my head when I’m trying to read the Bible. This makes study difficult. Reading God’s Word out loud helps me stay focused. It’s an easy but helpful trick.

Write Down Insights-

After I read the Bible passage out loud, I write down a few things that stood out to me as I read. Sometimes it’s a word, sometimes a verse, and sometimes it’s a question I have from the passage. This simple practice helps me comprehend the section I read and I find that encouraging. 

Make an Intentional Prayer List-

The same thoughts that distract me from studying God’s Word distract me from praying. I’ve found that creating an intentional prayer list keeps me on track. After praying for my own needs, I use this list to pray for three people, families, or ministries every morning. Sometimes to change things up, I randomly pick a number (thanks to the number generator on my phone) and pray for that particular person or group on my list. My list encourages me in my times of prayer and helps me love others by praying for them. 

Don’t Give Up-

My devotional times are still not perfect and I still get distracted, but I have grown so much in this area with God’s help. I have found that whether I spend a brief ten minutes with God or a long hour with him, I always leave grateful, whether the rest of my life feels put together or not. I’ve learned not to give up!. I hope this encourages you to persevere in your devotional times, especially if you are easily distracted like me.  

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