Happy 4th Birthday, Together Blog!

October 10, 2022

Last week we promised to introduce you to the Together Blog team. Instead of our readers assuming the Wizard of Oz is behind a big green curtain pulling levers to edit and post each week, here are the five women and one pastor who run the show. Feel free to tell them what you love about the blog and any ideas you have! We asked them each to share their own thoughts about the blog. 

Davina Lee recently donned the hat of Blog Editor. She thinks through content and provides editing expertise. 

I love that this blog isn’t about mind-blowing insights or crazy life hacks. It’s the women of Covenant Fellowship sharing with one another about God’s faithfulness in their lives, whether in their quiet times or their mundane days or their deep, dark trials. It isn’t words on the internet disconnected from real life, but a conversation among my family right here in this local body of believers. I am so grateful for the humility and vulnerability displayed by each author who has written for the blog so far, and also for the hard work of my fellow blog team members, who labor joyfully to make this conversation happen. How blessed we all are that we get to do life together!

Hannah Di Iulio is our writer liaison, communicating details, deadlines, and inspiration with skill and grace. 

Though I’m not a writer nor a voracious reader, I can make lists, send emails, and keep myself fairly organized. So I do the role I can! My favorite thing I get to do is communicate with new people, hear their thoughts and concerns, and figure out the best way they can write for the blog. I also love to get a sneak preview of the articles and have that personal touch point with a fellow sister as I read. Last but not least I LOVE to see the thought and care my blog team members have for the women in our church. Their hearts are truly to serve and lift up each of us through every small detail and it blesses me beyond words.

Hilary Daugherty is our social media creative genius and also inputs and manages posts, using her nursing skills to care for our finicky platform. 

I have never been part of such a large church, and I LOVE getting to know people–especially my fellow sisters with whom I am called to do life. Seven years into being a member of this church and there are still plenty of women I have not had the pleasure of knowing better. This blog has helped me to do just that–get a glimpse into my sisters’ lives. Even better, I get to learn from them and be encouraged by them! God has used it to make this large church family feel more familiar and intimate, and helped me to be in even more awe of him: the way he sovereignly calls us into a family and then, in very detailed and personal ways, cares for each of us while growing us together for his glory.

Jen Culley is our administrative head honcho, keeping us on track so we look like we know what we’re doing. She started the blog with Trish four years ago. 

I enjoy being a part of this ministry for many reasons but a big one is that I love reading and engaging with other ladies from our church. I love to hear their stories and see where God has moved in their lives. I have also enjoyed the community feel coming together as ladies from many walks of life are connecting on this platform. Raising two daughters, I see the need of women connecting with other women to grow and learn and experience community together. What a joy to do this!

Trish Donohue serves as assistant editor and directs our CFC women’s ministry under the leadership of Rob Flood. She loves this team of ladies!

Four of the many reasons I love this blog were posted last week. Check them out!  (Link here.)

Rob Flood provides pastoral oversight to the blog and to our women’s ministry as a whole. We thank God for his leadership, involvement, and heart for the women of our church. 

I don’t know if other men subscribe to this blog, but I’m sure I do. Each time I see a new entry, I’m reminded of the hard and sacrificial work being done by the women you’ve just read about. But beyond that, I am freshly encouraged to see the gifts of the many women in our congregation. Our blog provides a venue for writing gifts, for sure. More importantly, though, it provides a way for the work of the Spirit that’s being done in each woman of the church to find expression for all to see. God is always faithful to his people, and the women of Covenant Fellowship are no exception. This blog is one of the various ways we get to see his work in their lives, and I’m grateful. Thank you Davina, Hannah, Hilary, Jen, and Trish! (And the many women who have written for our blog or been willing to be interviewed.)

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