Helping Those in Recovery (Ministry Series)

September 27, 2021

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first post of our Ministry Series! We are taking a break from our usual interviews to show you how different women serve in our church–as well as to showcase these ministries and give you an idea of what they’re like. We hope you enjoy!

The Recovery Meeting has been serving Covenant Fellowship and the greater community for nearly eight years.  A Christ-centered meeting, it is open to both women and men struggling with addictions of all kinds: substance abuse, co-dependency, gambling, smoking, pornography, and many other strongholds. We also welcome family and loved ones to participate and receive support. Using the Life Recovery Bible, we read 12-step devotionals based on scripture and writings by doctrinally solid teachers. We meet every Monday night (holidays included) from 7-8 pm via Zoom.   

Spearheaded by Matt Dunphy, the Recovery ministry was started by several members of the church who were in recovery and wanted a meeting that would point directly to Christ to help break false idols of the heart, trusting God as the only source of life. Because of my non-profit ministry background, I was invited to an initial planning meeting to help them create a mission statement and get organized.

At the time I was still single, but about a year after that gathering, Matt and I became engaged (invite me to tea sometime if you want to hear that story!) When we first got married, I would attend the meetings occasionally. Over the next couple of years, though, the Lord drew me into the ministry and we began serving as a couple. We host weekly meetings and we also minister to individuals, couples, and family members as needed. 

One of the most encouraging things for me is seeing people’s faith in Christ Jesus grow as He delivers them from the bondage of addiction. “Kara” started attending the meetings for help with drinking alcohol. She had ‘quit’ many times before, but she’d end up over-indulging again and feel ashamed of her behavior. As Kara listened to the weekly messages and the group discussions, she realized that she had been using alcohol as an emotional crutch in her life instead of bringing her burdens to Jesus. By the Lord’s power, Kara has had victory over alcoholism and continues to be a part of the Recovery group. 

If you or anyone you know is grappling with addiction, please feel free to reach out to us directly for confidential support by emailing [email protected] or calling Michelle Renèe 484-432-8548 (ladies) or Matt 610-800-4906 (guys).

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