Making Life Beautiful (Everyday Practicality Series)

May 23, 2022

Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a short series where women in the church share some of their insights and philosophies for practical living in the everyday. We hope you enjoy!

There are certain things that I feel God created specifically to bring me joy. The color yellow, flowers, and cute animals all have a way of making me smile, and having those around me brings so much joy to my life. Although they’re beautiful, created things were never intended to be an end unto themselves; they were designed to point us back to the Creator. I am so amazed that we have the opportunity to reflect our heavenly Creator as we express ourselves in the simple ways we bring beauty into our lives.

I have a habit of filling the spaces in my life with things that I love. This often comes in the form of bright colors, fresh cut flowers, and little animal knick-knacks. There’s not really a theme which can lead to mismatched things, but I see beauty in the ways I am able to express myself, and it brings me so much joy to have things I love around me. If you were to come to my house, you would also notice my husband’s contribution of plants, fish tanks, and Star Wars items. One day recently he said to me, “Kellie, all our plants make me so happy.” I love that our home is a blend of things that we each enjoy and that we get to creatively express ourselves in our home. 

Since getting married and having a home of my own, I have found myself falling into the comparison trap more than ever before. I see other people’s homes, and it often feels like they are so much better coordinated, decorated, and organized than mine. I can feel like I don’t measure up. Recently as I was wrestling through this, I realized that I do not need to compare myself and my preferences to other people, but instead can be reminded of the unique ways that God has created each person. Our home might not look the same as someone else’s, but there is beauty in the way that the variety reflects God. 

I am not always intentional in consciously recognizing God in it, but having things around me that I enjoy and find beautiful can be such a sweet reminder of who God is in his creative nature. I hope that when people come into my home, they are able to catch a glimpse of our Creator and see an expression of who he has created me to be, and I hope that joy radiates to others.

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