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My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series


A Blind Date and a Salon Chair: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

You could say I found Covenant Fellowship because of a blind date and a salon chair…When we came to Covenant Fellowship we were not Christians…We did everything backwards…But everyone who crossed our path, led by the Holy Spirit, guided us gently to the next step, every step of the way.

May 8, 2023

I Couldn’t Wait to Come Back: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

I had become a believer in Christ and was church shopping back in 1998/1999. While visiting my mom in Rockville, MD one weekend, she recommended a church that her friend’s daughter was attending…I was blown away by the joy of the Lord I experienced in that church through the worship, gospel-centered preaching, and the people I met.

April 10, 2023

That Church by Target: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

“How did I come to Covenant Fellowship Church?” is a question I still ask myself sometimes…One Sunday morning Aaron had off from work, which was rare. So, I looked at Aaron and said, “Should we go to church?”…He said “Sure,” to which then I responded, “What church? Our church or the new one?” I think we needed to go on a Target run anyway that day, so we decided to give the “new church” a try.

March 13, 2023