Tending to the Cabinets

March 20, 2023

I have this cabinet in my kitchen that seems to get out of hand frequently. (Please tell me you have one too!) If everything is in the place it belongs, then it all fits in really well, but if I don’t tend to it and put the lids back where they go and stack the bowls properly, then all is not well. When you open the cabinet, it falls out on you, or rather the contents do. So often I get out what I need, then stuff the rest back in and close the door quickly. All the while telling myself I really need to organize it, again. 

Yesterday, as I was stuffing fallen lids back into the cabinet, the Holy Spirit showed me that my heart can be like this cabinet. There are areas of my heart which need regular tending, areas of sinful tendencies that need consistent attention to be kept at bay. In his kindness, he showed me that I have recently neglected tending to a few of those corners, and sin has been recently “spilling out.” Rather than giving it the attention it needed, I had been stuffing the contents back in, as it were, and closing the door fast. The problem is the sin continues to spill out! One of my kids disobeys and I lash out in anger. I quickly realize my sin and seek forgiveness but fail to notice this has been happening a lot lately. Or my day is not going as I planned and I’m complaining to my husband, to God, and to whomever will listen. Later I confess that sin, but neglect to see that complaining has become regular for me again and needs to be addressed.

Isn’t it funny how God can use mundane life circumstances to show us where he wants to work in our lives? By God’s grace, he allowed the ears of my heart to be turned to his prompting, and I was convicted of my laziness in fighting sin. And so, where do I turn? I turn back to his Word where I find the truth needed to tend to my heart. And I pray, asking God to forgive my sin and my laziness to actively fight it. Then I seek grace to be faithful to pursue holiness. Finally, I run to the cross, for there I know that my sin is forgiven. 

Oh, wondrous grace! I’m reminded of the amazing truth that though I am confessing sins I have committed so many times before, and sadly will again in the near future, I am forgiven. And more than that, the power of sin is broken in me and I have power to change. 

Maybe you have some heart “cabinets” that need tending. As a sister in Christ, I commend to you God’s Word, prayer, and comfort at the cross. If you don’t have a plan for regular Bible reading, consider finding one that you can manage in the season of life you’re in. And if your soul needs to be reminded of the joy of the gospel, check out the online Book Shop catalog on the HUB and pick up a resource to help you gaze at the cross and find fresh joy there. Pray, and ask God for help; he is eager and willing to give it. Finally, consider how you can fellowship with other women over what God is showing you. Confess your sin to them, invite their thoughts, and together point each other to Jesus and the grace he gives to change. Together, let’s seek to be women who are faithful to tend our hearts so that we walk in grace and not allow our “cabinets” to become unruly. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some lids to pick up off the floor….

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