Watching God Work in the Bridge Course (Ministry Series)

March 7, 2022

When I was asked to write about my experience serving in Bridge, I was hesitant. Writing is definitely not one of my gifts. However, when I think what a blessing it has been to serve with Jim Donohue and the many others who serve so faithfully, I can’t imagine not sharing my experiences.

Sometimes I think Bridge is one of the most selfish ways I can serve. Yes, it is a big commitment, but the return is enormous! There is nothing more satisfying than being with a group of people as they begin to understand the simple truth of the gospel!

Those of us who serve in Bridge get to witness blind eyes open and hard hearts soften. We have the privilege of pointing others to Christ, and it is an overwhelming experience to walk with those who see their need and come to the Savior. God transforms lives right before our eyes. 

Every time someone gives their life to Christ my faith is strengthened. Every time God transforms a life, He transforms mine. I am always amazed that God uses broken ordinary people to reach other broken ordinary people.

I would encourage anyone to consider serving. Step out in faith, all you have to do is love on these people and let God do the rest!

I am beyond grateful for God’s great love for the lost, His amazing mercy and grace, along with The transforming power of His sweet Holy Spirit.

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