A-Team Adventures (Ministry Series)

October 11, 2021

For any ladies who may not know me, my name is Emmie! I’ve been attending Covenant since September 2019, after I moved here from Maryland. I serve on the A-Team and lead one of the Cross Culture community groups.

In February 2020, I sensed a distinct prompting from the Lord to step back into youth ministry. I led Young Life for two years in my hometown, through which I discovered a gifting and passion for discipling teens. At first, I thought this prompting could mean returning to Young Life. I explored several options before realizing that God was saying, “There is an entire youth ministry right in front of you at Covenant.” My excitement grew and I knew that serving on a ministry team would help me feel more plugged in to a new church family. But of course, COVID came, and my hopes of getting to know… well, anyone, were put on hold during three months of online church.

Last summer, I was excited to experience my first Youth Camp until it was canceled. Like many, I was immensely disappointed, and I began to wonder why God would lead me to serve the youth, only to thwart my attempts at following Him. It wasn’t until the school year began that I could see the pieces coming together.

The large context of Main Night and the small context of Community Groups provided two monthly opportunities to spend time with students. I was struggling through a weighty season at the time, and showing up wasn’t always easy. Yet, God often asks us to do hard and holy things paired with the promise of blessing our faithfulness. Sharing life with the youth became a significant source of joy and light in the midst of my valley, not only because of new friendships, but also because I witnessed God’s activity in their lives during a time when He seemed hidden in mine. My small group especially bolstered my faith as teens and leaders prayed each other through trials and saw God provide both sustaining grace and timely answers.

While I firmly value the Titus 2 structure of ministry—older believers training younger believers—I’m deeply grateful for the ways that the youth of Covenant have encouraged my walk with the Lord. Serving on the A-Team didn’t have the start that I planned, but it has provided more blessing, purpose, and joy than I imagined. 

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