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Chatting with Jean Benson

Jean has been a faithful member of our church for many years. Known for her charming British accent and sense of humor, she and her husband, Wendell, live in West Chester where they attend the Culleys’ Community Group.   It’s clear from your accent that you didn’t grow up around here. Tell us about your background. I grew up in Luton, Bedfordshire, a small town about 38 miles north of London, a town barely on the…

August 10, 2020

An Interview with Tamara Ordini

Tamara and her husband, Mike, live in West Chester with their five children and attend the Gins’ Community Group. Tamara first came to Covenant Fellowship with her family when she was in 6th grade and began walking with the Lord shortly after—she’s learned a wealth of wisdom since that time, as you’ll see below!  Tamara, where did you grow up?  I grew up in Wayne, PA. We lived next to a creek and I have…

July 13, 2020

Getting to Know Julia Capone

Julia and her husband, John, have been attending Covenant Fellowship since their college days and can be found serving in multiple ministries at church. They live in West Chester with their three children and have recently begun to lead a community group. Julia, tell us about your family and your job. John and I became friends when we were attending Covenant Fellowship in college; we started dating toward the end of our senior year and…

June 15, 2020

Hannah Di Iulio: Not a Moment Wasted in His Grace

When Hannah Di Iulio first came to Covenant Fellowship with her family around 2011, she felt like she didn’t fit anywhere. She’d just graduated from high school and was taking a gap year before college, and after moving five times in half as many years, she was tired of reaching out and making new friends.

“It was daunting,” she says. “It’s a big church. At the end of the service, I’d go out into the lobby. Sad, sad me. I’d sit on one of the comfy little couches, and pretend to text people. I didn’t even have people to text.”

April 20, 2020

Talking with Justine Heidengren

Justine Heidengren lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Stephen, and they attend the Altieri’s community group. They have plans to move to Garnet Valley, where Justine grew up. She has been attending Covenant since 2004 and serves on the Cross Culture A-team. Besides being popular among Sixers fans (read about her job below), her influence is felt by many. Justine, tell us about your involvement in the A-Team. I have been serving on this team…

March 16, 2020