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Hannah Di Iulio: Not a Moment Wasted in His Grace

When Hannah Di Iulio first came to Covenant Fellowship with her family around 2011, she felt like she didn’t fit anywhere. She’d just graduated from high school and was taking a gap year before college, and after moving five times in half as many years, she was tired of reaching out and making new friends.

“It was daunting,” she says. “It’s a big church. At the end of the service, I’d go out into the lobby. Sad, sad me. I’d sit on one of the comfy little couches, and pretend to text people. I didn’t even have people to text.”

April 20, 2020

Talking with Justine Heidengren

Justine Heidengren lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Stephen, and they attend the Altieri’s community group. They have plans to move to Garnet Valley, where Justine grew up. She has been attending Covenant since 2004 and serves on the Cross Culture A-team. Besides being popular among Sixers fans (read about her job below), her influence is felt by many. Justine, tell us about your involvement in the A-Team. I have been serving on this team…

March 16, 2020

An Interview with Felicia Corrigan

Felicia lives in West Chester with her husband, Jay, and their young son, Ezra. She’s been attending Covenant since 2017, when a friend invited her. She found community almost instantly and loves being part of the church family. She and Jay have been married for almost two years and attend the Altieris’ community group. 

Felicia, you’re still a newlywed. What have you been learning about marriage?
I’m learning how to be a better communicator, especially in conflict. I tend to run away in fear when I sin and shut down when I feel hurt, but Jay encourages me to face and confess my sins and express my hurts. He leads so well in communication and in asking for and granting forgiveness.

January 27, 2020

A Chat with Jill Farmer

Besides being a gifted singer and fantastic storyteller (though she would argue otherwise), Jill Farmer fills many roles. She is the wife of Andy, one of our pastors here at CFC, mom to four adult children, and Mom-mom to some very cute grandchildren. She’s crazy about them all, as you’ll read below. 

Jill, you and Andy have been at Covenant since its start. How did you hear about it?
I worked at CHOP with a Christian doctor who told us that a new church plant was coming. Andy and I were newlyweds, living with international students in a group home in Philly. We probably could not have articulated that we were looking for an “essentially reformed, continuationist” church, but we were! 

December 16, 2019

Jannie Bard & Kiersa Sauder on Mentoring

Have you ever wanted to mentor or be mentored by someone at church, but had no idea how to initiate it? You’re not alone! Jannie Bard has been mentoring Kiersa Sauder since they met at Study Together about two years ago, and recently they sat down with us to talk about the experience—the awkwardness, the blessings, and what they’ve learned from each other over this time. Study Together is a great place to grow in…

November 25, 2019