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God Created My Daughter for You

I think fewer of us expect kindness today. Many of us expect more of the opposite, actually. We expect to hear unkind words, bullying in our schools, and hatefulness on the news and social media.

August 12, 2019

Root by Root: Ridding our Relationships of Idolatry

When people ask how you are doing, what do you say?

Usually my go-to is: “Good!” It isn’t dishonest, just very abbreviated. But lately, my answer would be: “I’m good. God’s been teaching me a lot and it’s been exhausting and sometimes painful. But very, very good.”

June 24, 2019

How God Used the Women’s Bible Studies in my Life

This week, registration has opened for our Spring Study Together session. Groups of ladies from Covenant Fellowship gather at the church and in various homes to study God‘s Word together and fellowship with one another. We wanted you to hear a personal story of how God used the ministry in the life of one of our members, and we’ve asked Hilary to share that with you. My name is Hilary Daugherty, and I live in…

January 28, 2019

Looking for Adventure

Looking for adventure? The extraordinary life? Victory in the battle between good and evil? Me too. Too often, in my mind’s eye, victorious glory comes in a flash of brilliance–my cape unfurled behind me, whipping in the wind as I rescue the weak, forlorn, and distressed. Godliness descends upon me, enveloping me with radiant grace, blessing anyone in a 25 foot radius. Sanctification flows through me as I ooze godly wisdom, taking all the credit.…

October 29, 2018