A Newcomer’s View: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

October 9, 2023

To be completely honest, the first time I visited Covenant Fellowship, I did not think it was the church for me. 

But let me give you some context.

In late 2019, I had just moved back to Pennsylvania after living in Roanoke, Virginia, where I participated in a post-college Christian fellowship program called the Blue Ridge Fellows. It was an intense but enriching year full of growth, community, and learning how to live out your faith in all areas of your life. I had never experienced such a fulfilling community experience before.

I loved Roanoke and the community I made there and was hoping to stay. Unfortunately, doors began to close and friends began to leave. So, with a heavy heart and a bruise to my ego, I moved back home to West Chester. I ended up reconnecting with a friend from college, Morgan, who invited me to check out the church she had been attending, Covenant Fellowship.

As you already know, I was not into it. Plus, my heart was set on moving to Colorado. (But that’s a story of God’s sovereignty and kindness we can save for another time.)

While I began going to another church in the area, my friendship with Morgan blossomed. Through a series of various encounters and the providence of God, I began meeting many of Morgan’s Covenant community, and a lot of these people became cherished friends.

During this time, the Lord began to change my heart on what it means to be a part of a healthy and biblically sound local church. In early 2022, through prayer, some church hopping, and seeking wisdom, I concluded that attending Covenant just made sense. The church aligned with my theological beliefs, they had a membership class and many opportunities to serve, and I already had a strong community there.

It turned out God had carved a path that led back to the same church I had quickly dismissed just three years prior. But isn’t that just like our God?

Attending Covenant Fellowship has turned out to be a blessing. Going to the Explore class and becoming a member has changed my outlook on the local church. I am thankful for the honesty and wisdom of our pastors, who shepherd their flock with care. I am grateful for a community group that strives to know one another and make Christ known, for friends that sharpen and encourage one another, for women’s Bible studies that are safe spaces to ask hard questions, share our burdens, and fellowship together. And I am so encouraged by the sound teaching of our pastors, by worship that brings you to the throne of God, and by the opportunities to serve one another and our community.

I share this story of how I ended up at Covenant to encourage those who long to find a place where you belong or who struggle with loneliness or feeling like an outsider in your hometown or in a church. Friend, you are not alone. I firmly believe God has a plan and a place for you. Sometimes this means allowing our plans to get wrecked and grabbing hold of his hand, as he gently leads you and guides you amidst the rubble.

I did not expect to find a home at Covenant, but I am very thankful that I did. It is a sweet reminder that the sovereignty and faithfulness of our God cannot be stopped. I am so grateful for this body. We are not perfect, but we aim to proclaim the gospel, love another, and grow together.

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