Every Time I Fellowship with You: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

August 14, 2023

“I came to Pennsylvania to be a part of Covenant Fellowship because I wanted to be discipled and have more opportunity for outreach.” That’s the line that I usually give when people ask me what could’ve possibly compelled me to move almost 2000 miles away from my home in Colorado. Here is a bit of the longer version.

To say that I was called here would be an oversimplification. I would instead say that I had a years-long desire to go somewhere beyond my comfort zone, accompanied by a sense that doing so was the Lord’s will for me. And over time, as I sought the Lord’s leading through prayer, the Word, and the counsel of my church community, the resounding response was, “Go!” In fact, it became so clear to me that it felt like it would be disobedience to stay.

I became convinced that the Lord was leading me elsewhere, but I still didn’t know where, exactly. Being an adventurer, I looked up countless opportunities—from overseas missions to mountain guiding. But in the end, I was convinced that my soul needed to be strengthened and equipped before venturing out on the mission field or on a long-term mountaineering adventure. 

I was desperate, in fact, to heal and to grow. Broken relationships had left me with an awareness of my sin and immaturity. Struggles with doubt had left me weary and unsure of where I stood before the Lord. I was carrying huge burdens of shame that I didn’t know how to let go of. I believed with all my heart that the gospel was enough even for me, but I was really struggling to live in the good of that every day. My soul needed to be built up again.

And so, I decided that wherever I went, I would make it my priority to plant myself in a strong church. Covenant Fellowship was the perfect option, filled with exceptional leadership and spiritual giants, people whom I could learn from and grow with.

Just over a year into my Pennsylvania adventure, I can testify that the Lord has done great things for me. He has provided so much healing, hope, and a peace that I’ve never had before. He’s done that through you all. Every time I fellowship with you, church, my soul is lifted up. I have already learned so much from your example, from all the ways you’ve poured into me and others in the church. Thank you for your faithfulness: I see it and am spurred on to be faithful in my own life. Walking alongside this community has been one of the biggest blessings I’ve received. I’m thankful to be here growing with you all!

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