That Church by Target: My Path to Covenant Fellowship Series

March 13, 2023

“How did I come to Covenant Fellowship Church?” is a question I still ask myself sometimes because it felt too good to be true. However, we were merely led by the hand of God. My husband, Aaron, and I live in Aston with our four children. When we first moved to Aston, we were attending a Catholic parish near us, but we never felt welcomed there. 

One night Aaron and I were watching the movie Breakthrough. We were immediately drawn in. One, by the drama of the movie, but two, by the care that this family received from their pastor and church family after the accident that left their son on life support. I remember Aaron looking over to me and stating that he wanted to go to a church that was like that. Where they had a band, where they were family driven and community oriented. It felt like before he could finish his sentence, I was googling Christian churches closest to us. Now, there are a few Christian churches closer to us than Covenant Fellowship, but for some reason that was the first link I clicked on. I saw that they had a band and that it was close to Target, which we frequently visit with the kids. I added “Visit Covenant Fellowship” to my list of a million other things to do. 

One Sunday morning Aaron had off from work, which was rare. So, I looked at Aaron and said, “Should we go to church?” 

He said “Sure,” to which then I responded, “What church? Our church or the new one?”

I think we needed to go on a Target run anyway that day, so we decided to give the “new church” a try. We pulled up to the church and there were moon bounces, shaved ice, and the iconic chicken dancing in the parking lot [at the annual Chicken BBQ]. My kids were losing their minds: they thought we were at the coolest place ever. 

Upon walking in, we were greeted by what felt like a million people at once, all with smiling faces and outstretched hands. We had questions like, did we need to sign anything, did we need this book which we saw everyone carrying around to be allowed to attend the service? We were again greeted by a smiling and very friendly woman who directed us to Promise Kingdom for our children and answered many of our questions. They saw the lion and immediately wanted to go back to “The Lion King.” Aaron and I sat through the service kid-free, which was very nice. I remember leaving the parking lot that day looking at one another and asking, “What did you think?” Both of us responded that it was different and we would be willing to try it again. 

Well, I am happy to say after that one random Sunday visit, we have now been attending Covenant for three years. I know it wasn’t just a random Sunday that we attended, and I know it wasn’t random that I chose that link over the other local churches I could have chosen. It was all God’s doing to lead us to a church that fit what we were searching for. As Proverbs 3:5-6 states, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” The Lord made straight our paths right into Covenant Fellowship, and we are forever blessed to have this church as our family. 

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